Monday, June 05, 2006

Causes for the defeat of AIADMK

Many may say many reasons for the defeat of the AIADMK in the 2006 assembly election for Tamil nadu. But the following ought tobe the reasons for its defeat.
1) It failed to bringforth its achievements such as bringing veeranam water to the city, rainwater harvesting, controlling bomblast and LTTE as well as extremists menace ( naxalites ).
2) Another reason may be the autocratic sytle of functioning of the AIADMK chief. Moreover she failed to respect anybody. She never visited Delhi for anything. But she wants others to repect her, for what? is not known. It is unethical. She must have prepared herself to respect others and to have friendship with everybody.
3) She failed to respect the seniors in her party also. viz. Kalimuthu and the finance minister Ponniyan. No body could surpass her in the party. But because of fear she failed to take them into consideration.
4) Announcing freebies is another reason. A person who is out of power can give promises of freebies as he is not in power. But the person who is in power can not give such promises of freebies. If one who is in power wants to give freebies, he can give freebies at the time of power itself. Steeling the freebies announced by the opposition is not viable and anouncing the same freebies is not good.
5) Free cycle scheme to +1 and +2 students as well as women's self employment schemes are being funded by the centre. Then one cannot be taken it as one's own sole achievements.
6) Voiko's vociferous speech has not impressed upon the people, as his alliance was considered tobe unholy one.
7) Reprimanded Sonia Gandhi is another reason. She should not have reprimanded her since Sonia has been a kingmaker even before the Congress came to power at the centre. By reprimanding her doors of friendship have been closed with the congress permanently. Further she failed to have friendship with big ones, either in the congress or BJP, the national parties. If one has a friendship with big ones, others will automatically keep mum. This is ethical. But she failed to do so. Now she is lonely.
These are tobe the reasons for the defeat of AIADMK in the post assembly elections. The AIADMK has not also conducted many party conferences to show the strength of the party.


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